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Click the links below to download our product manuals.

Don’t see the one you’re looking for?  Ask us for it.


Plush Spring Horse Manual (Currently includes Maverick)

Talking Spring Horse Manual (Currently includes Lucky, Lacey, Diamond, and Daisy)

Interactive Spring Horse Manual (Currently includes Silver, Spirit, Shadow, Sage, and Shimmer)

Animated Spring Horse Manual (Currently includes Legend, Prince, and Princess)

Legend comes to life with 4 adorable animated features!

Grow-with-Me Pony Manual (Currently includes Legacy, Lavender,  and Tahoe)

Grow-with-Me Unicorn Manual (Currently includes Starlight)

Rocking Horse Manual (Currently includes Derby, Dazzle, Henley, Holly, Laredo, Laurel, Tex, Tulip, Turbo, Durango, and Daydreamer)

2-in-1 Horse Manual (Currently includes Admiral and Apple)

Baby Rocker Manual (Currently includes Tickles and Giggles)

Baby Rocker Manual (Currently includes Barry the Bear, and Blossom the Butterfly)

Baby Rocker Manual (Currently includes Cuddles, Bubbles, and Ernie the Elephant)

2-in-1 Pony Manual (Currently includes Charger, Candy, Chocolate, Cupcake, Carrot, Cocoa, Celeste, and Carlos)