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Elliot the Rocking Elephant

Rockin’ Rider Elliot is a soft stuffed plush Rocking Elephant on a beautiful wooden base. Elliot has a textured elephant hide that looks natural and realistic while also being smooth and stylish. Elliot has a soft stuffed plush trunk along with two soft tusks. He has large elephent ears that are fun to squeeze and move around. The natural and realistic design will look great in any room while still being eyecatching. Elliot is a great way to introduce a child to the wonderous and special animals of other countries while stimulating imagination and physical playtime. Other features include a sturdy and comfortable riding area, glittery eyes, and wooden handles. Some assembly required. Saddle height is 17 inches. Elliot is recommended for ages 3 to 7 and up to 65 lbs.

  • Soft stuffed plush rocking animal
  • Realistic and natural design
  • Beautiful wood base
  • Soft stuffed plush trunk and tusks
  • Large soft stuffed ears
  • Textured elephant “hide”
  • Sturdy, comfortable and padded riding area
  • Glittery eyes
  • Wood handles
  • Some assembly required
  • Assembled dimensions: 28.75″W x 11.125″D x 26.5″H

Age: 3 to 7 years

Weight Limit: 65 lbs.

Saddle Height: 17″


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