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Magical 6-Volt Pony

Hit the trails with the 6volt powered Rockin’ Rider Magical Ride-On Pony! Magical sings the exclusive “I’m a Magical Unicorn” song when her left ear is squeezed and says 6 fun talking phrases with sound effects when her right ear is squeezed. Your child will be amazed by Magical’s synchronized moving mouth when she sings and talks. A simple push-button operation makes it really easy for a child to operate. Rubber grip tires allow Magical to move on any surface. Textured hand grips and foot rests provide for a safe and comfortable ride. The soft and huggable plush is preferred by both Moms and Kids. Other features include glittery unicorn horse, rainbow mane and tail, and embroidered eyes. Seat height is 12.5 inches. Includes a 6 volt 4.5AH rechargeable battery pack and charger and sports a top speed of 2 MPH! Magical is recommended for ages 3 years and up to 44 lbs.

  • 6volt powered ride-on plush unicorn
  • Press left ear to hear the exclusive “I’m a Magical Unicorn” song
  • Press right ear to hear 6 fun talking phrases and sound effects
  • Talks and sings with a synchronized moving mouth
  • Push-button operation for easy stop and go
  • Rubber grip tires allow traction on many surfaces
  • Non-slip foot rests for a safe, comfortable ride
  • Soft, huggable plush
  • Glittery unicorn horn
  • Rainbow mane and tail
  • Embroidered eyes
  • Easy-grip handles
  • 2 mph top speed
  • Foot rest height 4.5″

Batteries: 6V 4.5AH battery (battery and charger included)

Age: 3 years and up 

Weight Limit: up to 44 lbs

Saddle Height: 14″

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